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news sources where there is no online link. Constantine 08:44, (UTC) Done. Südschleife de 7,747 km. Not sure of hand - so I have removed the word indirectly. Wikipedia didn't have an article focused on this raid until I started it early last year. SchroCat ( talk ) 14:35, (UTC) If the family were always broke, do we have any idea how they managed to send the kids to the two most expensive schools in the country? For the next decade, Syria was split between six kings, five sons of Antiochus viii and the son of the. The article currently has 28 references, all of which being proven to be reliable in the articles good article review. 93 94 Pelé was also known to be a fair and highly influential player, who stood out for his charismatic leadership and sportsmanship on the pitch. Brianboulton ( talk ) 15:19, (UTC) All done.

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Gog the Mild ( talk ) 22:13, (UTC) Looks good in my view, support.Cheers. As to Mr Simms, I doubt if British disdain for false titles will ever cut much ice with American writers, despite the animadversions of the NYT style guide. Tim riley talk 18:18, (UTC) Hi Tim, and thanks for your kind words. I've removed "yet per you; unfortunately, for the ungrammmarly Power, see half way down the page. If nothing can be done in principle to address the objection, a coordinator may disregard. I'll just delete both images as it seems too difficult. I'm still going over them to find something for Iri's review, so I'll bear this point in mind while searching. 141 Pelé scouted for Premier League club Fulham in 2002. Tim riley talk 19:37, (UTC) Good evening Tim. Google Scholar has plenty more sources; what were the criteria for source usage in this article? It is, by definition, an instantaneous event. Unless it's a direct", "miffed" is both an inappropriate tone, and unfair to the subject as it implies petulance rather than legitimate concerns. "melee" the OED gives this its diacriticals: mêlée As usual, different dictionaries give differing results, with the older ones tending to agree with you. 20 "I arrived hoping to stop a great man, but I went away convinced I had been undone by someone who was not born on the same planet as the rest." Benfica goalkeeper Costa Pereira following the loss to Santos in 1962. I think it is important to establish what both sides had done with incendiaries, not just area bombing.

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Cheveux : Blond, yeux : Marron, escort : Indépendante, ajouter à mes favorites 2, présentation, je suis Cristina de Madrid Espagnole Mature 45 ans avec un corps incroyable. I've expanded the material on the Allied bombing campaign against Germany, including noting a comparison to the transition to area bombing against Japan. I would also expand. I started working on it more than a year ago, addressed citation issues, added missing info, and it passed GAN by Casliber last year. Noah Talk 00:29, (UTC) image de femmes nue allonger sur des rochers fille baise pere porno Because I prefer writing in MDY, as it flows better. Standardised on northeastern, etc. The bronze statue was created in 1912. "Allgood took Reynolds and the young Hannah" - do we need "young" here? "Edson Arantes do Nascimento "Pelé" Goals in International Matches". Regards, AustralianRupert ( talk ) 04:48, (UTC) Caen was garrisoned by 1,0001,500 soldiers.: suggest maybe splitting this sentence. While Parsecboy and I believe that it meets the FA criteria, we would like reviewers to look closely for any remnants of BritEng and unexplained or unlinked jargon.- Sturmvogel 66 ( talk ) 20:31, (UTC) Support from. 05:41, (UTC) Support from TR edit On Jim's point, above, about engrossment, the phrase is in use in Britain for turning a draft legal deed into a finished one, but I agree a link or note would be helpful. Après quelques aménagements, le Nürburgring refait son retour au championnat du monde de Formule 1 1971 mais reste en sursis compte tenu de l'évolution incessante des standards de sécurité imposés par les pilotes et par la Commission sportive internationale. Laputee, pour plus dinfo je répond que au message. Brianboulton ( talk ) 18:58, (UTC) Thanks for your review. ProtoDrake ( talk ) 14:34, (UTC) Co-noming this one. "tending to be small, poor and yet close to the border" why "yet I wonder? For second part, about H 46/47, see para 2 on page 7, and. Where an imperial unit is not part of the US customary system, or vice versa and in particular, where those systems give a single term different definitions a double conversion may be appropriate. Hawkeye7 (discuss) 22:44, (UTC) Links: All links to sources are working Quality and reliability: Ref. Any reason Robb-Smith's odnb piece is referenced under "Journals" rather than "Books"?

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